Sunday, 18 September 2011

Rapture in a tea cup: A trip to vagamon

Vagamon is not just any other verdant spot. It is an exciting blend of religious mysticism and European legacy. A very ideal tourist spot surrounded by the greenery of tea gardens, beautiful meadows, deep puzzling valleys and dales. Vagamon situated at an elevation of 1100 metres above sea level is a trekker's paradise.

Rolling meadows of vagamon
Vagamon's charm is worth experiencing and is indeed one of the must see places for tourists. One speciality of Vagamon is that you will never get tired of Vagamon as each day or visit will display the varied moods of nature and climatic differences; the mist you can touch, the rain drops, the gentle breeze or the golden hue in December-January which will be greatly rewarding and soothing for you and that can romanticize your mind and thoughts. You can easily be humbled by nature and its a not -so- completely -lost pristine condition here. The trees and shrubs in Vagamon give it an added attraction.

Vagamon Hillocks
Reaching Vagamon itself is an extraordinary experience. The meandering road to Vagamon is cut in solid rock lined with pine forests. And as you wind your way through green capped hills, the rolling plains come into view thousands of feet below you.   

Way to wagamon
This tourist place also has to offer Thangal Para, the Indo-Swiss Project and Kurisumala Ashram. Welcome to a land which would make you come back again and again. So that you could rejuvenate yourself and cherish memories of this enchantingly beautiful land.

Thangal hill
Way to Kurisumala
Wagamon hill station is comprised of a beautiful series of hillocks, valleys and cascading waterfalls that make it the ideal getaway for tourists. Take a walk along the narrow, mist covered zigzag roads that wind up the hills and experience true bliss. For adventure seekers, there is an option of trekking, para gliding or rock climbing.

View from thangal hills
The hill station has a chain of 3 beautiful hills called Thangal hill, Murugan hill and Kurismala that give an enchanting feel to this beautiful hill station. So visit Vagamon hill station to experience eternal bliss and peace of mind.

View from thangal hills

Pine Forests
Artificial forest. A dense pine forest covering 100 acres (0.40 km2). Contains an estimated 30 species of
 birds, including rare endangered species. It is classified as a buffer zone by the Kerala state forestry department

Wagamon-map view

Traveler's note:
 The Vagamon hill station offers you a unique and different environ in comparison to other hill stations of Kerala. Besides, being abundant in natural beauty, the place also offers space for spiritual activities. The peaceful surroundings with cool and soft breeze blowing across the valley makes it a perfect place for meditation.  


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